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Sign up to be notified by email when the bitcoin fee market changes.

Get an alert when fees are high to make sure you don't accidentally end up with a stuck transaction or pay fees higher than you expected.

Get an alert when fees are low and save sats by consolidating your UTXOs. For transactions that are urgent, wait until the low fee alert to send rather than rush in a high fee environment.

Alerts are triggered according to's low priority setting checked at regular intervals throughout the day. If the state of the mempool has changed since the last check, then emails will be triggered accordingly. Only the change since the last check is logged and used to determine whether an alert is triggered.

Preferences can be updated at any time.


You can add custom automation to respond to different alerts by plugging in to IFTTT and their e-mail triggers. Setup Slack notifications, create task list reminders, even flash your smart light on and off in response to fee changes.

Note about privacy:

There is no personal identifying information required for this service. To maintain as much privacy as possible, you can access this form via Tor (Brave browser's private tab is the easiest way to do this) and create a new, free email just for receiving the alerts. Try Protonmail for the best security and privacy.